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EMAX Babyhawk 85mm micro brushless quad

EMAX Babyhawk 85mm indoor micro brushless quad

Emax Babyhawk front
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Banggood recently revealed a new and very exiting micro brushless FPV quad. It’s the Emax Babyhawk and the specs so far looks very promising. It’s pretty safe to say that this is going to be a really popular indoor and backyard flyer due to it’s small size. The prop guards can be removed but if you are going to fly indoors you probably want to leave them on.
With a pricetag around 100$ and a flight time between 3 and 4 minutes this will most probably be the definite Tiny Whoop killer.
Around 3 minutes flight time. Probably a bit longer indoors or on a windless day.


Size: 85mm motor to motor. 132mmx132mm total with prop guards
Weight: 86g total with 2s 300mah lipo and prop guards. 60g bare weight.
Camera/VTX: 520TVL AIO camera with 25mw VTX
Flight controller: EMAX Femto F3 / 80A PDB with 5v 3A LC filtered BEC
ESCs: Bullet 6A BLHeli_S Plug-In ESCs
Motors: 1104 5000kv Brushless Motor
Propellers: 2345 tri blade
Battery: 300mah 2s lipo
Body type: durable plastic

It seems like this quad will be available in two different options, RTF and PNP.
The RTF, Ready-To-Fly version will include everything you need to fly including radio transmitter, receiver and VTX receiver/goggles.
If you buy the PNP version you’ll only get the quad and the built in electronics. That means that you need to have your own rc transmitter and receiver aswell as FPV goggles. Batteris and charger will probably not be included in the PNP version either. I will use my Flysky FS-i6x radio transmitter together with the Flysky FS-A8S mini receiver.


EMAX Femto F3 Flight Controller and PDB Board

Emax flight controller
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The EMAX Femto F3 flightcontroller in the Emax Babyhawk is also a built in PDB which means that it will both control the quad aswell as supply the ESCs and other electronics with power. The Femto FC is running Betaflight 3.0.1 firmware and is fully configurable via the USB port.
The PDB is rated up to 80A (20A per ESC) and has a built in BEC supplying filtered 5v 3A.

Voltage range: 2S-6S (7.4v – 25.2v)
CPU: STM32F303
Gyro: MPU9250
Buzzer support
BLHeli Passthrough
2.0mm Pin Headers for ESCs

EMAX Bullet 6A BLHeli_S ESCs

Babyhawk ESCs
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The ESCs are flashed with BLHeli_S 16.4 and can be programmed or upgraded through the usb in the flight controller. They are embedded in the arms of the quadcopter and are connected to the flight controller through 2.0mm pin headers. Emax has rated them max 2S but they stated that 3S might work but it’s not tested and therefore not recommended.
Size: 9.4mm x 21.5mm
Weight: 2.1g
Supported Protocols: Oneshot42 and 125, Multishot and Dshot150, 300 and 600

EMAX RS1104 5250kv Brushless Motors

Emax baby hawk motors
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The Babyhawk motors are really powerful, at 2S they can produce up to 120g of thrust. That means that the Emax Babyhawk have an impressive thrust to weight ratio of 6 to 1 on 2S. One can only image how it could perform on 3S and even 4S. The motors are rated up to 4S but the ESCs might be the bottleneck here, future testing will tell. No amp/current draw has been specified yet but it’s probably going to be around 3 or 4 amps per motor. The propellers seems to be bolted on to the motors which removes the risk of the propeller coming loose as they might do on friction-fitted configurations. One problem with bolting the propellers to the motors is that when (not if) you crash you might damage the motors instead of just the propellers.

520TVL AIO camera/VTX

The Babyhawk carries a pretty standard AIO camera/VTX. The VTX is seems to be switchable between 25mw and 200mw with a led display on the back to show what channel/band it’s running. The circular polarized antenna is probably easily damaged and a dipole might have been a better choice.
It seems like the AIO camera have pins for both video in AND video out which means an OSD can be added.

Replacement parts

Currently the replacement parts can only be found as a bundle which includes:
1 X EMAX Femto F3 Flight Controller+PDB Board
4 X EMAX Bullet 6A BLHeli_S ESC (1S-2S Support)
4 X EMAX RS1104 5250kv Brushless Motors
2 X EMAX T2345BN Complete Propeller Sets
40 X Screws

Buy the replacement parts here
When the Babyhawk is released the parts can hopefully be bought separately.


Camera mount looks fragile
Camera lens is exposed
No Buzzer


My guess is that Emax will have to crank up the manufacturing rate of these quads because they are most lileky going to be super popular. If an OSD and buzzer can be added then this is THE brushless micro FPV quad the community have waited for. It offers both in- and outdoor capabilities at really good pricetag. Racing this quad with a couple of friends is going to be a blast.

As soon as the Babyhawks are released into the wild I will do a real review of it.

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