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ZMR250 and QAV250 replacement parts and upgrades

Upgrades and replacement parts for you ZMR250 or QAV250 frame

The ZMR250 is one of the most proven and tested fpv racing frames around. It was one of the first designs of the new generation FPV drones and with several upgrades it’s still very popular. Even though it’s one of my early frames I still find myself bringing it to the airfield every time I go out to fly.

The great this about fpv racing is that you can upgrade or change almost every part of your quad and still fly it. That’s good news since crashes and hard landings are unfortunately inevitable when you are flying FPV. Even if your quad/drone doesn’t break you will probably reach a point where you want to upgrade some parts to increase the performance like speed, agility or handling. I’ve smashed my ZMR250 frame into concrete and asphalt several times resulting in both broken and chipped arms. Luckily there’s replacements to buy.

I’ve gathered a list of parts that you can use to upgrade your ZMR250 or QAV250 frame with.


Name Size KV Thrust Price Info
DYS BE1806 1806 2300KV 390g, 6.5A, 11.1v (3 cells), 5×3 propeller 9.68$ More info
Sunnysky X2204 2204 2300KV 423g, 8.1A, 11.1v (3 cells), 5×3 propeller 15.59$ More info
EMAX Cooling New MT2204 2204 2300KV 310g, 7.5A, 11.1v (3 cells), 5×3 propeller

390g, 8.4A, 11.1v (3 cells), 5×4 propeller
15.99$ (sale. normal price 23.99$) More info


ESCs (speed controllers)

Name Max ampere Weight Price Cells
RCX Simonk 12A 12A 22g 7.19$ 2-3
DYS 20A 20A 22g 10.96$ 2-4
DYS BL20A Mini 20A 7.6g 11.39$ 2-4


PDB (power distribution boards)

Name Price
Integrated frame PDB 9.39$
CC3D Flight Controller Mini PDB 9.39$
Matek 5v bec PDB 5.60$



Carbon Fiber arm x2 for ZMR250 and QAV250, 5.00$

Control board

Name Price
NAZE32 REV6a MPU6500 32-bit 12.89$ ~ 17.89$
OpenPilot CC3D 14.99$
OpenPilot Mini CC3D Revolution 32bit 40.99$
EMAX Skyline32 Naze32 30.99$



Name Pitch Price
Tri-blade DALprop T4045BN Bullnose propellers 4045 Tri-blade 2.99$ / 2 pairs
DALprop 5045BN Bullnose Propellers 5045 1.99$ / 2 pairs
V2 DALprop 5040 Multirotor Propellers 5040 1.95$ / 2 pairs
Gemfan 5×3 Inch Plastic 5030 Propeller 5030 1.95$ / 2 pairs

This list can also be used as a build list if you are planning to build either a ZMR250 or QAV250 racing quad. I will keep updating it with more parts aswell as FPV cameras and receivers.

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