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Eachine e010 FPV racerstar 615 motor upgrade

Eachine e010 Racerstar 615 6x15mm 59000RPM motor upgrade

As many other have noticed the Eachine E010 tiny whoop out of the box is a little underpowered if you add FPV gear. Some have reported that cutting the propellers to two blades instead of four helps a little but I didn’t find that mod alone satisfying. Instead I ordered the Racerstar 615 6x15mm 59000RPM Coreless Motor and soldered them in place. The difference is night and day! Now I can stay airborne much longer and have better punch and agility. Indoor fpv racing has become much more fun now.

e010 upgraded motors
I prefer cutting the propellers to 2 blades

I uploaded a short video to Youtube where I display the punchout after upgrading the motors to the Racerstar 615 59000RPM:

Replacing the motors

It’s really easy to replace the stock motors with these you just have to unsolder the wires (note which wire/color that goes to which pad on the flight controller). Then just firmly but gently push the old ones out of their mount and carefully push in the new ones. Make sure to first tug in the wires through the motor mount since you push the motors with the bottom first. Be very careful with the wires, they are fragile and tend to break inside the motor. For this reason I decided not to cut the wires to the correct length as you can see in the picture above. You could ad a small dab of hot glue to the bottom of each motor to reduce the strain on the wires.


I’m very happy with this upgrade, the motors are really cheap but still gives such an impressive performance boost. As I’ve stated earlier it’s much more agile, have better punch out and the flight time increased from barely 2 minutes of slow flight to over 4 minutes of fast flying. Carrying a FPV camera like the Eachine tx03 is no problem.
I fly my upgraded e010 on the Giant power 180mAh 25C lipo.

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