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73$ ZMR250 kit motor and esc upgrade to DYS SE2205 and DYS BLheli XM20A

Upgrade of ZMR250 kit with DYS SE2205 motors and DYS XM20A escs

motors connected

After flying my cheap ZMR250 73$ kit for a while (review here) I began looking around for upgrades that could enhance it’s already good flight performance. I had previously changed the control board from cc32 to a Naze32 with betaflight which was a well worth upgrade. This time I was looking for more power and a more convinient build so I decided that the motors needed be changed. To make the upgrade easy I also bought a Diatone V7.3 PDB with LC filter and new ESCs. Since the original ESCs were only 10A rated and with old firmware (simonK) it made sense to change them. This way I could also extract the original powerplant (PDB, motors and ESCS) and drop in the new without the need to desolder, clean and resolder anything.
After reading alot of reviews and carefully looking at thrust/amps graphs I decided to use the DYS SE2205 2300KV motors together with the DYS XM20A BLHeli 20A ESCs.

With this upgrade I also wanted to prove that the ZMR250, despise it’s “age”, is still a great frame!

new parts

The parts I used for this project

esc wiring


Soldering all the parts together was a breeze and powering the system is easy thanks to the new PDB. It filters both the 5v and 12v output which means you can power all your parts including FPV gear from it.
I’m very pleased with this upgrade. Beside a massive power and speed upgrade the quad turned out much more stable and more responsive. I think that this is thanks to the more powerful motors but even more so thanks to the upgraded ESCs and Naze flight controller. The firmware running on those are awesome and easy to configure.

If you have an “old” zmr250 I really recommend you to do this upgrade. This difference is night and day.