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3D-printed Tiny Whoop frame project

DIY Tiny Whoop frame

3d printed tiny whoop frame

The main reason for why the Blade Inductrix is so popular except for it’s superb stability is probably it’s frame design. The ducts protects the propellers and allows the quad to bounce into tables, walls, cats and other obstacles that you might find flying in your home. I was thinking that with the help of a 3D-printed it must be possible to replicate the design of the Tiny Whoop. My idea is to use 8.5mm motors and a hubsan control board. The FPV setup will of course be the Quanum Elite or the FX797T micro fpv camera from Banggood. You can also convert a full Hubsan X4 H107C and convert into the diy Tiny Whoop.

The frame weight is currently 12g printed in PLA.

The design is not done yet but as soon as I have a working prototype I will upload the design to Thingiverse.

Suggested parts list

Motors: 8.5mm motors
Control board: Hubsan H107L X4 control board
Lipo: 300mah 1s, 500mah 1s or 600mah
Propellers: Hubsan propellers
Camera / Transmitter: Quanum Elite or FX979T